01/02/2021 - Go Green - Buy British!

Go Green Buy British FB

Buying British is the Green choice for us in the UK. We need to buy products as local to us as possible. Our first choice as consumers should be to Buy British wherever possible and then look to find the most local producers. Because

Fresher food is available locally
There is often way less packaging involved
Buying local helps your local economy
Buying local is better for the planet
It's easier to find out about where your food comes from

We are especially keen that money and jobs stay in our communities.By buying British and local your money will stay in your community. You are not only supporting the local economy, but also supporting your neighbours, the local mechanic, shopkeepers, and service providers.Your support helps them, and their businesses survive. You help feed their families, pay their bills, and put a roof over their family’s head. It is a huge deal to buy locally for this reason alone.

We all know that our economy has been hit hard by this pandemic, particularly leisure, retail, entertainment venues and artists, bars, and restaurants. You can make a choice to try to help simply by changing your purchasing habits. As a union, we urge you to use your purchasing power to back our country and local communities.

* Whilst we've used the popular phrase "Buy British" we naturally advocate buying local for all of the UK including Northern Ireland!