19/12/2018 - Solidarity in action

unityworkersEvery month Solidarity Reps are at work representing members at grievance hearings, disciplinaries and appeal hearings. Other unions work to protect the rights of workers day in day out too. Joining a union is  a sensible form of insurance against possible workplace problems.

Solidarity is also involved in negotiating financial settlements on behalf of members unfairly or wrongly dismissed. Below we give a snapshot of some of our recent work and outcomes. These cases are ones that have been completed. Many others are ongoing and we only report those once we have achieved a result.

An employee was replaced by another on a contract for dubious reasons. He was dismissed with notice. A claim was lodged with ACAS and a financial settlement agreed.

Lesson: Whilst members might prefer to be re-employed all is not lost even with dismissed as a financial settlement maybe possible and sometimes more desirable.

A member was suspended for over two years for an incident that was branded as theft even though the person had collapsed at work with a serious illness and hadn’t left the building and the product in their possession was held legitimately! After a very complicated and torturous negotiation handled by Solidarity the member won a significant financial settlement.

Lesson: The Union is able negotiate complicated matters and win lucrative settlements.

A care worker was accused of trying to see their services privately by a disgruntled service user. Solidarity was able to find witnesses to attest that they had never been offered anything. The illogical nature of the claim was eventually accepted by the employer and the suspension lifted.

Lesson: The Union is able present persuasive argument and build a case as to why an employee should not be thought guilty by default and avoid disciplinary action.

A new member was invited to a Disciplinary. Solidarity represented him at the Hearing and diffused the dispute and no further action was taken.

Lesson: Solidarity Reps use persuasion as well as legal argument to win at disciplinaries. Sometimes having a Rep from outside can help resolve a misunderstanding.

A member had to leave her care job because of ill-treatment by management. Solidarity was able to negotiate on her behalf for a good reference and a financial settlement.

Lesson: Employers know that we will take matters to an Employment tribunal if need be and often prefer to reach settlements to avoid this.