21/12/2018 - A Christmas message from the President of Solidarity, David Kerr

Solidarity Merry ChristmasOn behalf of the National Executive Committee of Solidarity the Union, I wish all our members, supporters and their families a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The past year has been difficult for many British workers given the continued uncertainty over the Brexit negotiations, and the hardship many low paid, disabled or sick workers are experiencing with the rollout of Universal Credit. Ebenezer Scrooge was a picture of benevolence compared to the heartless box-tickers of Capita’s so-called ‘disability assessors’.

Thankfully, Solidarity has been able to stand up for those of our members who have suffered discrimination at work and has given practical help to those facing daunting disciplinary procedures or appealing against unfair practices and treatment at the hands of their bosses. The only reason some of our members are able to enjoy a happy Christmas this year is the sterling work carried out for them by their Solidarity union reps. This Christmas, I want to thank and pay tribute to these often unsung heroes of our union. Well done, folks.

The year ahead is likely to be difficult. Solidarity will be there to defend our members’ interest whether or not there is a hard Brexit, a no-deal Brexit, or even no Brexit at all. Enjoy the break at Christmas, renewed and ready to stand up for British workers’ rights, pay and conditions throughout the course of 2019. Happy Christmas and come what may, Solidarity forever!

David Kerr