11/02/2020 - Solidarity AGM plans union growth

agm2020GlenHow to grow our union in 2020 was a central theme of the Solidarity Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Central London last weekend.


Those attending discussed how to form union branches and how to increase the number of union Reps.


The meeting was chaired by our new union President Glen Nicklasson (pictured) who also gave an impassioned speech on the need to protect workers' rights in the wake of Brexit.


The meeting also heard from Graham Williamson and Pat Harrington.


Graham gave an informative talk on the liberal trade union tradition. Pat Harrington gave a round-up of important recent Tribunal and Court decisions.


Those attending got the opportunity to ask questions and make points after each of the speakers leading to a vibrant discussion.


The meeting also passed motions:


  • to establish a union hardship fund
  •  in support of Northern Ireland health workers
  •  on the need to ensure workers rights after Brexit
  •  to provide training to reps on PIP and ESA procedures


A social evening followed where union members who had been unable to attend our AGM joined us.