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Membership Section

Once The British Workers' Union is fully in operation we shall provide a number of benefits to our members that will be accessable by you giving your Membership Number and Surname.

We shall tailor the benefits so that those relevant to a particular Work Sector are made available to those members, although you will need to have been a member of Solidarity for 3 months before being able to access these benefits.

Legal Representation

Legal representation is not so much a benefit, as it is one of the first duty's of a Union to provide this to its members. We provide legal assistance for all onsite disputes, which can include the following...

    Employer Refusal to pay Holiday Pay
    Unfair Dismissal
    Constructive Dismissal - was your life at risk due to the language barrier

    Injury / Accident

Once in operation we shall provide contact details, so that you can tell us you Member No: / Name / Employer / Date of incident / Date of employment / and Nature of the Dispute...then we'll deal with the rest.


Free 'Will & Testament' Benefit

As part of one of the many legal services that we intend on offering, Solidarity shall provide a free impartial Will and Testament service, since this is an issue that we all have to face up to and it ensures that our loved-ones recieves our possessions upon our death rather than the tax man.

What will intend on providing is a Will's Services, where we help you write out your will, as well as free storage. We will train up our organisers to be legal Executors of the Will, however to prevent conflict of interest Solidarity (or any organisers) will not be able to recieve any Inherited items from our members.

Over a short period of time we intend on expanding the range of services we'll provide to include, for example, free Accountancy, various Insurance policies as well as tool discount offers.