02/07/2008 - Migrant Labour = lower wages



The news that an NHS contractor was paying its Eastern European labour as low as £8.80 (per week) after deductions, supports the assertion by the nationalist Trade Union Solidarity that migrant labour undercuts British wages..


General Secretary Patrick Harrington said:-

"This case (at a construction site at an NHS hospital in Notts) just reinforces what we have been saying, namely that importing cheap migrant labour is artificially keeping wages down. Whilst the Union UCATT have helped expose this they have not made this general connection and have simply negotiated a little more for the migrant labourers. Big business is exploiting the breakdown of national barriers and the Unions should be fighting to limit the amount of migrant labour and ensure a national minimum rate in specific industries is retained and not undermined".


This case is likely to be the tip of a very big iceberg and Solidarity believes that such  labour needs to be capped.




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