14/08/2008 Sita attack Union rights

Three employees of the firm Sita Suez based in Willenhall, West Midlands have been suspended from work specifically for belonging and recruiting fellow workers to the Trade Union Solidarity. The right to belong to a Trade Union is a fundamental one recognised in UK law and international Treaty.
Such anti-Trade Union activity was commonplace at the start of the Trade Union movement. There is a twist in this story, however.  Rival Trade Union UNITE,  urged the employer to take action against Solidarity and made implied threats against their business interests if they did not comply. This was in response to some local members leaving Unite to join Solidarity,
Instead of supporting the rights of a worker to belong to a Trade Union of their choice, UNITE have demonstrated their contempt for one of the most basic of rights in the workplace - the right to choose to belong to a Trade Union. They should be ashamed. 
Solidarity is campaigning for immediate reinstatement of the 'Willenhall 3' and a public apology from the Sita management.
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