15/11/2009 - Tories to make Workers pay for Bankers greed


The Tory plan to raise the retirement age to 66 is presented as a proposal to tackle Britain's burgeoning national debt. A large part of the debt to the public purse is as a direct result of the bail out of banks following their greedy and disastrous lending policies. Yet despite this it is the ordinary British worker who the Tories want to pay the price.
After years of hard slog workers will have to work that little bit longer if the Tories have their way. Who is to say that this will not be extended as and when the state sees fit?
The offensive bankers bonuses are set to kick in again this Christmas. After being bailed out by the taxpayer they will cream off tax money for themselves! This adds insult to injury as workers are squeezed in the depression.
The old City=Tory alliance looks set to re-start under David Cameron. The new 'caring' Tory  Party is phony. The Tories are showing that they want ordinary workers to pay for the mistakes of the Bankers and speculators. Cameron can't hide his harsh policies however he spins it.

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