07/08/2010 - Stop the Cuts!


The nationalist Trade Union Solidarity welcomed the TUC 's proposed actions against the Coalition Government's plans to shed hundreds of thousands of Public Sector jobs (some fear up to 750,000) as part of their 'cost-cutting' strategy.
The TUC is considering calls from individual Unions for a Day of Action (October 20th) against these cuts and a mass-demonstration on the (October 23rd).   
Solidarity General Secretary Patrick Harrington said "We don't always see eye-to-eye with the TUC (for example over their weak defence of British workers faced with cheap migrant labour). However we are at one over their calls to resist the Government's proposed public spending cuts. Whilst the previous Government saddled the nation with a massive debt in order to bail out the banks we don't believe that any cuts should fall primarily at the feet of the British worker. More money for example could have been levied against the banks at the last budget. To expect public sector workers to pay the price of banker and Government fiollies is unacceptable. If the latter is to think the unthinkable it should be over its expensive overseas military strategies rather than domestic cutbacks. One has to be suspicious of David Cameron's Big Society plans which could be paving the way to replacing Government workers with unpaid volunteers?"
He added "Solidarity will be joining in on any action and will take the opportunity to distribute our 'Stop the Cuts' leaflets to the British workforce explaining why any cuts are unfair" .
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