12/01/11 - Cadbury Closures: We Told You So!

About a year ago the Solidarity Trade Union commented that the likelihood that Cadbury would fall into foreign hands would not only be a 'loss of a (British) Institution' but would likely lead to 'rationalisations'. In other words the shedding and 'export' of jobs. (1)
Sadly we have been proved right! Cadbury's new American owners have announced the closure of their Bristol factory (and the loss of 400 jobs)  and a move to Poland (a relatively cheap labour economy).
It hardly makes ecological sense to produce products overseas which are largely consumed here and could be made here! The bean-counters will of course have done their calculations and believe the extra transport costs will be outweighed by the savings made in using cheaper non-British labour.
Solidarity General Secretary Patrick Harrington said: "It pains us to be proved right on this. Multinationals do not exist for the interests of the' workforce let alone the country within which they operate. They exist to maximise the return of investments to shareholders. In simple terms the profits are given to those shareholders as dividends or bonuses".
He added: "Cadbury employ (or did) 30,000 British workers. We expect this 'rationalisation' to continue until there is only a skeleton workforce in the UK to rake in the profits from our sweet-tooth nation. We also predict other companies will jump on this bandwagon and desert our country whose workforce only asks for a living-wage. Don't expect to see the Coalition take action since they are in hock to banks and Multinationals and won't upset that 'special relationship'!"
 "Individual workers must organise to protect their livelihoods by demanding their Trade Unions and politicians put the British worker first!  We at Solidarity will and any worker worried about their loss of jobs to foreign ownership should join us now!".


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