18/04/2012 - We need more not fewer Bank Holidays!

The nationalist trade union Solidarity opposes and describes the call for the scrapping of bank holidays as ''the latest of a long line of extreme anti-worker proposals since the formation of the ConDem coalition".
The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) think tank wants them scrapped or more spread out over the year to stop businesses "losing momentum". They suggest such time-off hurts industry and is excessive. They claim that the country's GDP would be £19bn higher if they were abolished.
Solidarity trade union General Secretary Patrick Harrington however points out that the UK has one of the lowest number of public holidays in Europe and the world. Even Germany, renowned for its' productivity has one day off more than the UK.
Pat Harrington said "Ever since the Coalition got into power we have seen so-called think-tanks coming forward with various proposals, all of which are designed to attack workers rights, whether to lose public holidays or the right not to be dismissed unfairly. We don't believe it is a coincidence but rather a sign that big business interests believe that this Government will be more receptive to adopting such calls."
He added "After stumbling into a recession, leading to job losses and pay freezes or cuts, for the hard working British worker to be asked to sacrifice time-off, no doubt in the interest of big business, is adding insult to injury. Finding the right work/life balance should be the Government's aim not lining the pockets of their supporters. We say our public holidays (8) should not be reduced but actually raised to the European average of 11 or 12".

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