03/01/2008 - TUC IN DENIAL!

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) have attacked the Independent Union Solidarity because the latter opposes the negative impact of migrant labour on wages, off-shoring and other evils of globalisation.
The Observer ('BNP ballerina provokes new storm', 9/12) quotes one Gerry Morrissey (General Secretary of the TUC affiliated Union - Bectu) describing the Union Solidarity as a 'front' for the BNP.
Solidarity is open to all regardless of racial, political or religious background. It has an ethnically diverse membership and many of its members belong to no party at all. The General Secretary Patrick Harrington is a member of a different political party (the National Liberal Party).
Mr. Harrington said "Our membership is growing as more people hear of our work. Unlike the TUC we do not discriminate politically. We welcome members from all parties and none. It is the TUC failure to protect British interests and the British Worker which led to the birth of our Union - Solidarity. The TUC puts a shallow Internationalism before representing workers in our country. They are attacking Solidarity because they know our message resonates with many Trade Unionists and workers generally."
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